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Residential Motion Sensors Installation

Motion sensors are used as an integrated part of a top-notch home security system. Motion sensors detect individuals and items traveling through their environment and transmit a signal to lights, doors, security cameras, or a burglar alarm. This can trigger a loud alarm, widespread illumination of the area, or both.

At ProtectMyHome.Com, we provide the best motion sensor installation services to protect your home. We deliver our nationwide network and supply services, you are covered wherever you live throughout the USA. In addition to residential motion sensors, our home security devices include surveillance camerassmart locks, fire/smoke detectors, glass break detectorspanic buttons, and more. To learn more, call 844-521-1155 or click here to make an appointment. 

Different Types of Motion Sensors & How They Work

Residential Motion Sensors Installation

There are many types of motion sensors for security systems, but all are divided into one of two groups: passive or active:

  • Active motion sensors: Active motion sensors are less common but still quite valuable for security purposes. Some use an emitter to transmit a beam of light into a photosensitive sensor across a corridor or room. When the beam is broken, the sensor sends a signal to a switch at the bottom of a residential door lock that serves as a safety switch; if a person or anything passes through the beam, the door will stop moving.
  • Passive Motion Sensors: Passive Motion Sensors are the opposite of active sensors in that they do not send any signals but instead detect infrared radiation. Passive detectors detect infrared (heat) energy levels. Passive sensors are installed to scan the area for infrared heat emitted by live individuals or animals.

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At ProtecMyHome.Com, we answer questions about the best way to upgrade your home security on a daily basis. Near the top of the list is installing a motion detector. When you are ready to install motion detectors in your home, contact our security experts at 844-521-1155 to discuss your options or click here to get started on installing your system today.

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