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Varifocal Camera Installation in Your Home

Varifocal lens security cameras have lenses that can be zoomed in and out, allowing you to focus on items that are close or far away. A manually adjustable zoom is available on several varifocal lenses. Once you've got the camera in the proper spot outside your house, you can adjust it so that it covers a large enough area while still allowing you to see detailed photographs. Some varifocal lenses adjust their focus automatically in response to motion and items in their field of view.

Whenever you need to install a varifocal camera to protect your home, be sure to turn to the home security & home automation experts at ProtectMyHome.Com. Our crews offer a wide array of security systems that feature HD1080P images. Some of our most popular systems, in addition to a varifocal camera system, include wired/wireless surveillance camerasvandal-proof camerasPTZ dome cameras4K camerasfixed-lens cameras, and thermal cameras. To become part of our nationwide network, give us a call at 844-521-1155 or click here to make an appointment to upgrade your home security system today!

Varifocal Camera Installation 

Benefits of Varifocal Security Cameras

  • Adjustable Installation Options: A varifocal security camera, as opposed to a fixed lens camera, gives you greater flexibility and adaptability when it comes to placement. Large outdoor areas can be monitored easily with varifocal lenses.
  • High-Quality Videos/Images Captured: Another advantage of home surveillance cameras with varifocal lenses is that the focal length may be changed to adjust the field of view. You can zoom in to obtain a better view of the activity while maintaining image quality.
  • Less Installation Cost: A security camera with a varifocal lens can relieve the pain of reinstallation. The installation process can be made much more cost-effective if the varifocal camera supports WiFi.

Why Choose Us to Install a Varifocal Camera Security System in Your Local Area?

  • We have a wide range of security systems
  • Our company has over a half-century of experience
  • Our company provides tools and training
  • We have an attractive home security package

A security camera system can control your entire home with the push of a button or through mobile apps just by a single touch. To choose the best services that fit your needs and budget, you can rely on ProtectMyHome.Com. We install superior varifocal camera systems and much more! To learn more, call us at 844-521-1155 or click here to make an appointment to upgrade your home security situation today!


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